Advocacy in the Cloud slides and recording

I recently had the pleasure of facilitating a Dreamforce session where two amazing people talked about how their organizations have gone all-in with engagement. The DC Project and Idaho Conservation League are each betting their futures on engagement, and in very different ways. Sara Arkle talked about how Idaho Conservation League is turning the organizational ship to find a new generation of supporters. Matthew Dunn told the compelling story of how the DC Project was birthed with technology and engagement at it’s heart. Very different stories, well told and I think helpful for folks looking to engage supporters more deeply than they are today. Below is the recorded presentation, as well as the slide deck we presented.

Chrome Extension: Id Clipper

I had a great idea for a Chrome Extension that was pretty complicated, so I decided to come up with a simpler project to learn the ropes. This weekend I built the Id Clipper, a Chrome Extension that helps you get Ids from records more easily than copying. It’s a small problem I’m attempting to solve, but I think this extension does it pretty well. Here’s a rundown:

Go get it in the Chrome Web Store and please rate it if you try it out! The source is also out on Github free to use.

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