It is with a mix of sadness and excitement that I announce my departure from ONE/Northwest to join the Salesforce Foundation. I’ve had a great 4 years building out the CRM consulting program, and the time was right for me to take a very exciting opportunity. I get to work at the source of the force behind the growth of the Salesforce platform in the nonprofit sector.

It’s difficult for me to leave ONE\Northwest. It is hands-down the best environment in which I’ve worked. It’s an incredibly talented team that thrives on respect and shared purpose. It was a tough decision to leave such a great team, and such great friends.

I started at ONE/Northwest in 2005 with the goal of starting a CRM consulting program. The team is now 5 staff, cranking on 10 simultaneous projects. We have a very sophisticated set of consulting practices, some pretty slick code, and a track record of happy customers. I’m very pleased with where we’ve gotten to in the last 4 years. What a ride it’s been!

While I have been the most visible face of the ONE/Northwest CRM team, each member of the team is a strong performer in his/her own right. Most of our best code and practices were suggested and developed by my colleagues, not by me, and I thank them for the great years working together. I’ve learned a lot from these folks, and I’ll miss working with them every day. It has been a real joy.

I’m very excited to join the team at the Salesforce Foundation I’ve come to know over the last 4 years. If you’ve worked with them you know they are great people. I look forward to being able to work toward the mission of getting Salesforce into the hands of nonprofits around the world. That’s a reach I can’t really fathom quite yet.

I am the first overtly technical hire at the Foundation, so I’m sure they’ve got lots for me to do. There are a number of areas where technical expertise will come in handy–the Nonprofit Starter Pack, working with the NPSF community, working with partners who are looking to create nonprofit solutions, partnering with large NGOs who are pushing the platform to new places, and the list goes on. I can’t wait to get started!

To those of you who know me in person or on the web, I don’t suspect you’ll notice too much different. I’m staying in Seattle and I’ll be remaining active in all the fora I currently frequent. I look forward to seeing you there in my new role!

Thanks to everyone at ONE/Northwest who helped make the last 4 years a great experience, and to the folks at the Foundation who have given me this new opportunity! I’ll keep you all posted along the way.