14 x 22 weather-proof Ballard Chooses Peace signs are available!

Get yours today at Great Harvest Bakery in Ballard.

We’ve printed 300 of them in the first run. They cost $3.

The Ballard image is available below with some others I created. I wanted to add some of my ideas to the effort, and make them available in easily printed forms. Each image has a link to a PDF which can be printed anywhere you have access to a color printer. Take them and get them out there! Email me if you have any questions.


The community where I now live, Ballard, has rallied around the anti-war effort as a community organizing opportunity. Here is a mock up of an idea that one of the organizers came up with for a Ballard Peace Sign.

Ballard Chooses Peace

11 x 17 in (Printing Instructions)

Re-appoint Bush!

Get out the vote! Bush only squeeked by last time on a 5 to 4 vote. We want a 9-0 vote this time!

Re-appoint Bush!

11 x 17 in (Printing Instructions)


I grew up in a town in Wisconsin called Wauwatosa. It’s a close-in suburb of Milwaukee. Unlike the sprawling western suburbs, it’s a dense, old-style suburb with intersting houses, good schools, and nice parks. It’s not the most liberal place in the world. But Wisconsin is home to Bob LaFollet and the Progressive party, even if it is also the birthplace of the Republican party.

Wauwatosa needed a localized peace sign, so I made one based on the No Iraq War sign.

Tosa Peace Sign

11 x 17 in (Printing Instructions)

They also needed a reason to trott out their cheeseheads in the Packer’s offseason.

Cheesehead Peace Sign

11 x 17 in (Printing Instructions)


I also created a sign thinking beyond this war. When you’ve got a huge defense budget, you kind of feel stupid if you don’t use it.

Bombs and Targets

11 x 17 in (Printing Instructions)

War appears to be one of George Bush’s “faith-based initiatives”. While he claims to be a Christian, his actions probably wouldn’t get the OK from the “Prince of Peace”. The Stranger liked this one so much they published it.

Who would Jesus bomb?

11 x 17 in (Printing Instructions)

Printing Instructions:

Most modern print shops can print out PDF files in color with no problem. Many of these shops also allow you to submit your PDF for printing via email, so you don’t have to make two trips. Here’s how to go about the printing:

  1. Download the PDF file from this page and save it on your computer.
  2. Email your favorite print shop the PDF file saying that you would like 11×17 color prints on card stock. Card stock is thick paper that is much better for signs than standard paper. Each print should cost somewhere between $1 and $3. The more you print, the cheaper each print will be. Also, tell them what you are printing, and see if they’ll give you a discount. The printer might support your point of view!
  3. Pick up your prints when they are ready.
  4. Put your signs up
  5. Tell your friends where to get their own!

In Ballard, Sudden Printing is where I did my first batch of printing. You can email them here.

If you know of any printers who will donate services or discount prices, please add a comment to this story with contact information.