In the run up to the amazing Web of Change conference this year, I was asked to write a think-piece. I ended up writing about being scientific in the design, implementation, and analysis of our work. I called it We Must Be Scientists for Change, and it seemed to resonate with a number of the attendees.

In that article I talked about doing some simple A/B testing. A/B testing is best described as doing some effort while changing one variable in the hopes of learning something about how to affect the outcome of effort. It’s been perfected by the direct mail industry–mailings are run as experiments and each mailing adds to the base of knowledge of how to increase response rats.

As I was writing the article I became dismayed that what I was proposing wasn’t actually very easy to do in, the system I champion on a daily basis. We use Campaigns for outreach efforts, and while Campaigns are incredibly powerful and easy to work with, randomly breaking them into segments for A/B testing wasn’t easy.

I say “wasn’t” because I have released a tool for A/B testing that is free to users of, which is listed on the Appexchange under the name Campaign Segmentation Wizard.

Build your list of people to whom you want to reach out, then use the wizard to randomly break them into segments of the exact size you desire. Those segments are Campaigns of their own, and can be used in any way you see fit–mass email, phone banking, etc.

Here’s a short video showing how it works.

If you install it and use it, please rate the app on the Appexchange so others will get a sense if it’s helpful or not.