I just finished my first week at Grameen Foundation as their new CTO. My brain is absolutely full after a week of conversations and reading about my new home. I couldn’t be more excited about the move, the mission, and my new colleagues. On the last afternoon of a week of sucking in data, org charts, strategic plans and health care forms, I sat down and watched some videos of Grameen’s work.

New and old friends have asked me why I chose Grameen. Watching the videos brought it home to me in a very clear way. The work is amazing, important, challenging, and incredibly interesting. After a week of digging into what the work is and how we do it, it has me thinking of a different why question. The broader why of Grameen, the Simon Sinek version of why. So I’m taking a newbie’s stab at it. Here’s rev 0.1:


We believe the very poor are locked in a generational chain of poverty, and they are the ones best positioned to break the chain.


By deeply understanding the needs of the very poor, the power of technology and innovation, we help the very poor build the power necessary to break the chain of poverty.


Working with strong partners, we create and scale innovative solutions in financial services, agriculture, and health that address market failures.

This resonates strongly with me personally, as I’ve figured out I’m all about helping people realize their best selves and build their personal power. And it resonates with what I’ve seen from Grameen over the last 10 years, and much more deeply over the last 5 days.